Elon Musk Says 1950s-Style Tesla Supercharger Station Is Coming To Santa Monica, California

Elon Musk Supercharger Station Santa Monica Tesla California

Elon Musk has revived the idea of building a 1950s-style diner at a Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) Supercharger station in Santa Monica, California.

What Happened: The Tesla CEO said Santa Monica will soon have a “major new Supercharger station” with a retro diner and movies.

Musk was responding to a tweet of a photo showing a long line at a Supercharger in the city.

Musk also thanked the city of Santa Monica, possibly hinting that local officials are moving toward approving the plan.

Musk mentioned the idea in 2018, Elektrekreported, quoting Musk as then saying he planned to open an “old-school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger locations in Los Angeles.”

Though it wasn’t clear how serious the plan was, the company did apply for building permits in Santa Monica, Elektrek said, adding the project has run into approval problems with the local government.

Why It Matters: One of Tesla’s biggest competitive advantages is its Supercharger network, which allows for easy, long distance travel for customers in many parts of the world.

While it is unfortunate that customers need to wait for a charge, it also shows how succesful Tesla has become. As Tesla’s deliveries increase, the need for Superchargers increases. And as the need grows, so do the lines.

Tesla has also considered adding features such as lounges and coffee shops to its Supercharger stations, according to Elektrek.

Luckily, most Tesla’s vehicles can charge from 20% to 80% in less than 30 minutes. And with a 50% charge giving even the lowest-range Teslas well over 100 miles of range, a quick charge will let most people get on their way.

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