Elon Musk plans to launch the Witcher game on Tesla electric cars .

The witcher

Tesla Mask CEO really liked the Netflix The Witcher series. It seems that soon the owners of the company’s electric cars will be able to not only watch the series on the central display, but also get the opportunity to play the cult project CD Projekt.

Note that in the September software update, Tesla cars received Netflix support. Tesla electric cars will receive embedded YouTube and Netflix applications.Tesla

Given the recent fact that the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game was released on the Nintendo Switch console, which is built on the NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC with an ARM-compatible 64-bit CPU, there should not be much difficulty. The NVIDIA Drive PX 2 car processor in ARM architecture, which was used in Tesla cars of earlier years of production, is much more productive than Tegra X1, not to mention the new Tesla SoC Full Self-Driving (FSD).

In addition, Tesla previously added games to their cars.

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