Elon Musk hints at two crazy features for new Tesla Roadster

Elon Musk hints at two crazy features for new Tesla Roadster


Elon Musk confirmed the Tesla Roadster would include steer-by-wire in an interview with Don Lemon. Based on his wording, it also sounds like a modified Yoke could be on the way as well.

Tesla has been teasing a new Roadster for several years, but Musk seems more willing than ever to commit to the vehicle’s planned production date and some new features that it will equip.

Musk was with Don Lemon for a new interview that dove into everything from how the CEO spends his time off and unloads his stress to the issue of free speech on his social media platform X.

However, Lemon also inquired about potential details surrounding the Tesla Roadster, and Musk was willing to share a few details.

Musk confirmed that the Roadster will be a direct collaboration between Tesla and SpaceX, which we expected based on the company’s claims that the vehicle will be able to hover for a short period of time. Musk said “maybe” to Lemon’s question of whether the vehicle would be a “flying car,” but we knew that Tesla’s goal was for the Roadster to be capable of floating, at least for a few seconds.

However, there were more details that Musk was confidently willing to discuss, including two new features, like steer-by-wire and a new Yoke.

Lemon asked Musk various questions, including whether the Roadster would have wings or wheels. Musk answered these questions, confirming that the vehicle would not have wings and would have wheels, but he also confirmed that it would have “a drive-by-wire Yoke.”

“Kind of like the way aircraft or modern jets are controlled,” Musk confirmed.

Steer-by-wire is not a new development, but Tesla has just started introducing it on its vehicles. The Cybertruck was the first vehicle to utilize this functionality in the Tesla lineup, and it appears the Roadster will be the next car to equip it.

In simple terms, steer-by-wire does not require a driver to turn a wheel more than 180 degrees to execute a full turn radius. While traditional rack-and-pinion steering systems require more than a full 360-degree wheel spin to have a vehicle turn fully, steer-by-wire helps the wheels turn more with less effort from the driver.

In late February, Musk teased the Roadster’s new unveiling date for the end of 2024. Of course, we’ve all heard that the Roadster will be delivered in the past, and Tesla has not followed through on these dates, so we cannot confirm whether it will actually be available by the time 2025 rolls around.

However, Musk said there are “radically increased design goals” for the Roadster in the late February X post.

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