Elon Musk gave a sharp response to MrBeast

Elon Musk gave a sharp response to MrBeast

MrBeast and Elon Musk

MrBeast has been uploading old videos onto X since January, with his recent progress report drawing the attention of Elon Musk.

MrBeast’s foray into uploading his content onto X (formerly Twitter) has seemingly been a success for both him and the Elon Musk-ran application.

After Musk made it his mission to get MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, to upload his videos consistently onto his platform, the ultra-popular YouTuber has been doing so since January and might not be looking back.

While many, including Donaldson, presumed that the revenue he could make by posting his videos to X would pale in comparison to what he makes on YouTube, MrBeast recently said that he has been making a healthy amount purely from his posts to Musk’s platform.

In a tweet posted by MrBeast on April 5th, he noted that five YouTube videos that he recently uploaded onto X have garnered well over 100 million views on the site.

Musk, the most notorious reply guy on the app, responded to this tweet himself, though in his typically blunt and concise fashion, saying nothing but the word ‘Cool’ to MrBeasts post.

Of the videos that Donaldson has reposted onto X, his first remains the most popular. $1 Car vs $100,000,000 Car, which he posted on January 15th, has amassed 177 million views and, according to MrBeast, made over $250,000 on the platform.

MrBeast’s positive outlook on posting to X is a recent occurrence, as he has previously questioned how sustainable X will be as a consistent stream of revenue for creators, such as himself, even after posting videos to the site.

This all comes days after Donaldson tweeted out a presumed April Fools tweet about quitting YouTube, one that Elon Musk also replied to with the implication that the internet juggernaut should begin uploading full-time to X rather than his home platform of YouTube.

Despite his positive experience on X, it is still highly unlikely that MrBeast will give up completely on YouTube, with that still being the place where he premiers new content on a consistent basis.

However, his success on X is certainly something that could benefit the platform. Considering MrBeast is the second most popular YouTuber in the world, with only T Series currently having more subscribers, his influence on both creators and viewers is remarkable, and it could result in a larger, more dedicated viewer base on the Musk-led website.

In all, MrBeast has said he’s made roughly a million dollars in ad revenue from reposting his content onto X, all of which he plans on spending to create more videos.

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