Elon Musk Agrees Tesla is ‘The Most American Car Out There’—Fans Want Production to Happen in US

Elon Musk Tesla is ‘The Most American Car Out There’

Elon Musk agreed with fans when they said Tesla is the “most American car out there,” as people are discussing the new labor laws that are being imposed on the clean energy company. Car production is a massive factor in keeping a car “American” and people want Tesla to be made in the country and boost its economy.

It is known that Tesla China and Tesla Europe via Gigafactory Berlin will soon make the electric vehicles of the company more accessible to nearby regions. The goal of these Gigafactories would be to make Tesla cars available to their regions and not have them shipped from the US, and add more costs to its delivery.

Elon Musk Agrees Tesla ‘The Most American Car Out There’

Elon Musk was born in South Africa, finished school in Canada, and went on to establish a business in the United States. He has based himself in the US for a long time now, that he has adopted the American ideology. One could say that the billionaire is an American for the way he thinks or does business.

However, one different thing is that Tesla was born or established in San Carlos, California, right here in the country. Its birthright gives it the American blood, and it is one of the first electric vehicles made by the US, US. According to fans of the clean energy company, “Tesla is the most American car out there.”

Here, the Tesla CEO agrees, and other discussions have focused on saying that the EV company should opt on making the car production more evident here in the country. Fans want Tesla to continue production here in the country and keep Tesla as “American” as it is, and avoid giving its production to other countries.

Fans Want Production to Stay in the US

Major productions of Tesla are still in the country, and it is not yet importing electric vehicles made from other countries to the United States for American use.

It was an initial notion that having factories outside the country would mean that it is focusing on getting cheaper production and then importing cars. Other companies have focused on importing cars, particularly because the cost of production in the country is more expensive, and the companies do not want it to reflect on their vehicle.

According to Whole Mars Blog, new union law plans have already shown the new fees to impose, from $2,500 to $4,500.

The Twitter fan said that it is targetting one company, and it is Tesla.

Tesla: American Made Inside and Out

Tesla is known to not have any unions, as it pays its employees above the minimum wage rate and is known for being a workplace that treats its workers well.

The clean energy company was said to be an American car because it brought features which people can use, and it adheres to what they want.

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