Details on Tesla’s 3 new next-generation EVs

Details on Tesla’s 3 new next-generation EVs

Details on Tesla’s 3 new next-generation EVs

During the 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting, Elon Musk briefly mentioned the three new Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) under development. A few details about these next-generation EVs might have already leaked to the public. 

“Obviously, we have some new products that we’re working on under the covers. I think these are gonna be pretty special.

“Some of them, I think people maybe at first might think, ‘Oh, it’s not gonna be that amazing.’ But…just wait. It will be,” said Elon Musk during the annual Shareholders Meeting. 

A few details about Tesla’s upcoming new models have already been released. The company has not officially released any details about them but has been dropping hints here and there. 


Tesla’s compact car has been called the Model 2, or the Model Q. The compact EV is expected to be the first to reach production, starting in the second half of 2025. Tesla is planning two versions of the compact EV, one with a steering wheel and one without, which will be the Cybercab. 

Gigafactory Mexico is expected to produce Tesla’s compact car, utilizing the company’s new, ground-breaking manufacturing technique, the “Unboxed Process.” 

During the Q4 and FY 2023 earnings call, Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s compact EV production will start in Giga Texas followed by Giga Mexico. Musk shared that Tesla might announce a third manufacturing location for its next-gen vehicle, which will be outside North America.


A Tesla van has been brought up in the past, but the company has kept tight-lipped about it so far. During the 2020 Q4 and Full Year earnings call, Elon Musk stated, “Tesla is definitely going to make an electric van at some point.” 

With the launch of the Tesla Cybertruck and the Semi, an electric van might be easier for the company to design and produce. The company has developed technology that makes the Tesla van more feasible now than in the past. The same goes for a Tesla bus.

However a Tesla bus might still be far off. Based on the illustration shown during Musk’s presentation at the Annual Shareholders Meeting, Tesla might be teasing the Cybercab and the Model 2 separately. Then, of course, there is the long-awaited Roadster 2.0.

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