China accounted for 22.5% of Tesla’s overall revenue in 2023

China accounted for 22.5% of Tesla’s overall revenue in 2023

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Tesla’s Form 10-K filing revealed a number of key details about the electric vehicle maker’s 2023 performance. Among these is Tesla’s growing operations in China, the world’s largest and most competitive electric vehicle market.

The past year represented a number of milestones for Tesla. The company produced 1,845,985 consumer vehicles and delivered 1,808,581 units. It also deployed 14.72 GWh of energy storage products and 223 MW of solar energy systems. Total revenues were listed at $96.77 billion, representing an increase of $15.31 billion year-over-year.

Tesla received $21.75 billion in revenue from its China operations in 2023. That’s about 22.5% of the company’s total revenue. In the fourth quarter alone, Tesla China’s revenue was $6.1 billion, which was higher than the $5.73 billion that was posted in Q2 2023, as per estimates from CNEV Post. Tesla China’s Q4 revenue represented an increase of 33.34% year-over-year an improvement of 21.57% quarter-over-quarter.

In the fourth quarter, China accounted for 24.25% of Tesla’s quarterly revenue. In the third quarter, this number was 21.50%, and in Q4 2022, it was 18.82%. These suggest that while Tesla is constantly faced with an increasing number of competitors in the domestic Chinese market, the company is still seeing some decent revenue growth. These numbers may improve further this 2024 as well, as Tesla produces more vehicles for the domestic Chinese market due to the start of the upgraded Model 3’s production in the Fremont Factory.

Tesla sold about 169,935 units in the domestic Chinese market in the fourth quarter, accounting for about 35% of the 484,507 vehicles that the company was able to deliver worldwide in Q4 2023. Over the course of 2023, Tesla also sold 603,664 vehicles in China, making the country the electric vehicle maker’s second largest market, just after the United States.

For context, Tesla’s revenue in the United States was $45.2 billion for 2023, or 46.7% of the company’s total revenue. Other markets, which include Europe, the Middle East, and other countries in Asia, contributed $29.8 billion in revenue, or about 30.8%.

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