CBS All Access is offering a free one-month trial, just in time to binge Star Trek: Picard

CBS Star Trek

Perfect for your next social distancing TV maratho

The first season of Star Trek: Picard is coming to an end on March 26th, and to celebrate, CBS is offering a free month-long trial (instead of the usual seven days) of CBS All Access to allow viewers to watch the whole season.

The month-long trial doesn’t just give access to Picard, though; it’ll give viewers free access to the entire CBS All Access catalog, which includes every Star Trek show ever made (including CBS All Access exclusive Star Trek: Discovery), Cheers, CSI, CSI: Miami, Frasier, The Good Wife, The Good Fight, all of the NCIS shows, Survivor, The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, and more. You’ll also get access to live CBS broadcasts from your local station.

To take advantage of the deal, sign up for CBS All Access using the code GIFT anytime before April 23rd. As part of that process, you’ll need to create an account and give CBS a credit card to charge when the month is up; the monthly payment will automatically renew once the free trial is up.

CBS also allows you to cancel the plan immediately and still use the entire month — so you can sign up, cancel the plan immediately, and still enjoy the full free month without having to worry about remembering to cancel at the end of the trial.

To do that, head over to the CBS All Access account page, scroll down to the “Subscription” line of the “Subscription & Billing” section, and hit “Cancel Subscription.” Your account will still work for the remainder of the 30-day trial, and it will shut down at the end (unless, of course, you enjoy the content so much that you decide to pay for another month, which is likely the whole point).

Any way you slice it, it’s a huge library of content and live TV for free for a month, and it’s perfect for anyone looking for a new show to binge in the current era of social distancing.

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