Bugatti delivers first batch of Divo units to owners.

Bugatti Divo

Bugatti has begun delivering the first of 40 €5-million Divos to their owners. Those lucky, lucky beings.

It may use the Chiron’s platform and 1,479hp quad-turbo W16, but the Divo is lighter, stiffer, more focused, and somehow even more outrageous than the car on which it’s based, and apparently not at all like it to drive.

Bugatti’s engineers have been fine-tuning the Divo’s setup for the last two years. Chassis development alone required more than 5,000km of testing at speeds of up to its limited top speed of 380kph.

Weight is down by 35kg, while harder springs, more camber, and a “more front-oriented setup” mean it’s “entirely different to drive than the Chiron,” according Lars Fischer, the carmaker’s head of chassis testing and application.

“This is particularly evident when driving on roads with plenty of bends. With even more precise steering and greater downforce, the Divo drives through corners even faster and more predictably,” he says.

A 23% wider wing means downforce is up, too, by 90kg to almost half a ton at top speed. Max lateral acceleration is now 1.6 g, with Bugatti touting a lap time a full 8sec faster than the Chiron’s around Nardo’s 6.2km handling circuit.

Fancy one? Well, too bad—all 40 cars are spoken for by existing Chiron owners.