BMW CEO Oliver Zipse: i4 Is Sold Out For Months, As Is The iX

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse BMW i4 BMW iX

High demand for EVs will prompt the company to add up to 6,000 new jobs in 2022.

BMW is progressing on the electrification path and reports growing demand for its latest all-electric car models.

The company’s CEO Oliver Zipse revealed to German daily Muenchner Merkur (via Automotive News) that the all-new BMW i4 and BMW iX are both sold out for months.

“Zipse said demand for EVs was very high. “Our i4 is sold out for months, as is the iX.””

It’s not a precise measure, but it’s great to hear that the long-awaited new BEVs, based on the fifth-generation EV tech from BMW, are attracting many orders.

Things are going in the right direction at a fast pace we guess, as the German manufacturer says that it will create up to 6,000 new jobs related to EVs in 2022,

“That is why we will increase our workforce by up to 5 percent next year.”

BMW Group already has sold more than 1 million plug-in electric cars and will add another million before 2025.

In 2020, the company announced that the lineup of BMW i3/i3s and MINI Cooper SE to BMW iX3 will see significant expansion. The iX and i4 are already here.

The next all-electric model in the pipeline is the all-electric BMW 7-series, currently in the last stages of tests.

Following that, we will see also an all-electric BMW 5-series, and all-electric BMW X1. Probably also a new all-electric MINI model sooner or later.

By 2023, there will be some 25 plug-in BMW models on the market and most of them will be all-electric, which is a strategic shift from mostly plug-in hybrid lineup in the past several years.

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