Bloggers have created a flying robotic vacuum cleaner that independently climbs the stairs

Bloggers roboticThe appearance of robotic vacuum cleaners has greatly facilitated the lives of many people who do not have time for independent cleaning of the house. However, even the most advanced models have one significant drawback: they are not able to climb and descend stairs. This means that the robotic vacuum cleaner has to be moved manually from floor to floor.

Video bloggers and engineers Peter Sripol and William Osman from the USA solved this problem in a radical way: they “taught” a robotic vacuum cleaner to fly, according to New Atlas.

Features of Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The engineers took as a basis a cheap model of a robotic vacuum cleaner, to the body of which three small propellers were attached. In addition, the device was provided with hinged guides to protect it from rotation in one place. The battery for powering the propellers is simply attached to the lid of the vacuum cleaner.

After the first successful experiments, engineers taught the Roomba to fly a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner. The resulting device can climb stairs and carry out cleaning in multi-storey buildings. True, a human operator is still needed to control it using a radio transmitter.


A flying robotic vacuum cleaner looks unusual, in addition, during the flight it generates a lot of noise, and during take-off and landing it disperses the dust with propellers. Therefore, it is not known whether the enthusiasm of bloggers will inspire any home appliance manufacturer.

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