Auto Trader names Tesla Model Y the 2024 ‘New Car of the Year’

Auto Trader names Tesla Model Y the 2024 ‘New Car of the Year’

Tesla Model Y TSLA

The Tesla Model Y has been named the “New Car of the Year” by one outlet, following the electric SUV becoming the world’s best-selling vehicle overall last year.

Online auto sales website Auto Trader has called the Tesla Model Y the 2024 “New Car of the Year,” beating out the second- and third-place entries, the Kia EV6 and the Nissan Ariya, respectively. The title follows the Model Y earning the world’s best-selling vehicle in 2023, and topping the United Kingdom’s (UK’s) most popular electric vehicle (EV) list for the fifth year in a row.

In the 2024 Auto Trader index, the Model Y landed four out five points in most of the categories evaluated, including safety, interior, and features. The vehicle earned five out of five in running costs and performance, while the SUV’s reliability was rated three out of five.

“We’ve celebrated value, comfort, and fun, however while the 2024 awards have seen some worthy category winners, there can only be one overall New Car of the Year,” the outlet writes. “This year the car voted for by owners is the Tesla Model Y.”

Vehicle owners vote to secure the winning vehicles, and the site says that more than 200,000 vehicle owners in the UK cast votes on which new automobiles were the best. While the Model Y won best overall, the Nissan Ariya was rated the best for long distances, and the Kia EV6 was titled the best for families.

Tesla was also named the car brand with the best tech in the 2024 ranking system, and although the Model 3 sedan didn’t win any of the categories, it was named the second-place finalist in both the best car for dog owners and the best value EV categories. The Model Y was also named a finalist in the best car for city drivers and best car for towing categories.

You can see the top eight vehicles, their categories, and runner-ups below, or check out the full list here.

Credit: Auto Trader

Auto Trader says that owners specifically highlighted the Model Y’s “uncluttered, easy to use central dash,” along with its low cost to run. Others also noted swift acceleration and the inclusion of Autopilot as major benefits to the vehicle compared to others.

“Everything about the Model Y is just so easy,” one owner told the publication. “Easy to open and set off, to drive, to park, to charge. It makes life easier and is a dependable part of the family now!”

In February, Consumer Reports also dubbed the Model Y one of the best cars of 2024, along with the SUV becoming one of the most-produced vehicles last year, according to one study. Last month, Tesla replaced the Model Y’s entry-level configuration with an RWD “Long Range” trim, adding about 60 miles of range to the new base model.

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