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It is reported that in the week from Catholic Christmas to the New Year, inclusive, the company earned $ 1.42 billion in the AppStore, which is 16 percent more than it managed to help out for the same period of 2018. Moreover, only on the first of January 2020, users of apple products spent $ 386 million in the AppStore, 20 percent higher than last year.

Apple’s record revenue is achieved not only through the sale of applications, but also thanks to subscription services, whose audience is growing steadily. Thus, the company’s news service increased the number of paid subscribers by almost 18 percent. Recall that monthly subscribers of only the Apple news aggregator pay $ 9.99 for access to materials from leading English-language publications.

At the same time, revenue from iPhone sales fell by 14 percent compared to last year, amounting to 142.4 billion dollars.