Apple on the way to its two billionth smartphone.

The company launches iPhone for 13 years.

Prior to the premiere of the iPhone 13 years ago, Mac computers created the core business of Apple, but over time the concept has changed: now it is the iPhone and AirPods that bring the largest share of revenue, and there’s no need to talk about much more widespread ones. According to analysts, this year the company has every chance to sell its two billionth smartphone.

Apple iPhone

Eight experts from different agencies agree on this opinion. This year, the company is expected to sell 195 million iPhones, and one of them will be the very coveted model that will open the account to the third billion.

However, it is possible that iPhone sales will be even higher by the end of the year, as iPhone 5G-enabled iPhones will appear this year – and they are expected to be in high demand. But even higher demand may be for the budget iPhone SE2, which will premiere in March.