Apple may bring this iPhone feature to Watch

Apple Watch

It seems that Apple is planning to bring a design change to the future Apple Watch. The company has patented a new design for the Apple Watch. As per the patent the new Apple Watch will come with a Touch ID.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the company filed for the patent in November 2018 and it was published on February 6. If the company is serious about implementing this idea then the Touch ID will be located in the Digital Crown of the wearable.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has also explained how the Touch ID will work. The patent filed reads, “In order to sense the motion of the user’s finger, a crown as described herein may include a window on the part of the crown that the user touches when interacting with the crown. The window may allow an image of the user’s finger to be captured by an image sensor that is positioned within the housing. The image sensor, which may include an image-sensing element (e.g., a charge-coupled device (CCD)) in conjunction with associated processors and other components within the electronic watch, may determine how the user’s finger has moved and control the operation of the electronic watch accordingly.”

This means that users just have to touch the Digital Crown on their Apple Watch to unlock it. Presently, there are only two ways to unlock the Apple Watch one is to enter the PIN or to use the iPhone to unlock it.
Recently, it was reported that Apple has shipped 31 million units worldwide in the year 2019, outshining the entire Swiss watch industry by a huge margin. All Swiss watch brands combined shipped 21 million units during the year, as per the report. Sales of Apple’s smartwatch grew 35% year-on-year. Sales of Swiss watch brands fell by 13% year-on-year.
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