Allstate Insurance Sues Apple in Hawaii to recover costs of a house fire allegedly caused by a faulty MacBook Pro Battery

Apple Mac

Allstate Insurance Company (“Allstate), as subrogee of Chad K. Uyehara and Jolynn M. Uyehara has filed a lawsuit against Apple. Allstate insurance paid the claim filed by their clients Chad and Jolynn Uyehara for their house burning down in Hawaii. Allstate is now suing Apple for the fire that they claim was caused by “the failure of the lithium battery in the Apple MacBook Pro.

Allstate paid their client 421, 774.90 for damages and expenses incurred because of the fire. Allstate indemnified its insureds for the property damage pursuant to the terms and conditions of their referenced policy number (not included in this report) and therefor became equitably and contractually subrogated to its insureds’ right to recover the loss.

In their Claim for Relief with the court they note that “The subject Apple MacBook Pro was manufactured and sold by Apple Inc. in a defective and unreasonably dangerous condition that presented a hazard to both persons and property.”

Allstate wants Apple to pay them the full $421, 774. 90 that they paid their client because of their defective product, all trial costs and other relief as the court deems just and equitable.

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