Aerotaxi Lilium Jet will soon make the first shuttle flight.

After testing a flying taxi Lilium Jet in October, developers shared new details about their offspring. At the Slush technology conference in Helsinki, the company’s commercial director Remo Gerber named the key advantages of the new product over ground-based counterparts and announced the expected launch dates for the first urban flights in Europe.

According to Gerber, Lilium is currently certifying flying taxis in Europe and the United States. According to preliminary estimates, in 16 major cities at the start of the project, at least 100 landing routes can be created, Venturebeat reported.

Aerotaxi Lilium Jet

How air taxi is going to conquer the transportation market.

Compared to traditional cars, air taxi will have a number of competitive advantages. In particular, the car is not limited in movement on roads and highways, and if necessary, the route can be quickly changed.

The speed of the Lilium Jet will reach 300 kilometers per hour, and at the same time, an air taxi can take on board up to 4 people – this will allow people to settle away from cities, without losing a lot of time to get to work. The cost of the flight has not yet been announced, but the developers are confident that it will be relatively low.

Aerotaxi Lilium Jet

Thanks to the capabilities of vertical take-off and landing, carriers can significantly save on the runway and other infrastructure. In addition, electric motors are very quiet and do not produce harmful exhausts – it will be possible to equip landing sites almost anywhere.

Gerber noted that he wants to live closer to nature and many will want to leave stuffy cities. The solution to these problems will be facilitated by an air taxi, which, according to his estimates, will fly into the air no later than 2025.

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