A new scandal erupts. Apple accused of stealing technology for Apple Watch.

Apple initially acted as a business partner, and then began hiring key employees from Masimo.

Masimo accused Apple of stealing its health monitoring technologies that were used on the Apple Watch.

Masimo is the creator of signal processing technology for medical monitors. Masimo and its subsidiary Cercacor Laboratories recently filed a lawsuit alleging that Apple stole classified information. The supposedly popular smartphone maker initially acted as a business partner, but then proceeded to hire key employees from Masimo. Among them, Michael O’Reilly, vice president of Apple’s Health Technology Division.

Apple Watch phone

Masimo and Cercacor claim that their non-invasive light monitoring system was actually stolen by Apple and used in the Apple Watch. Apple is now accused of numerous infringements of 10 different patents.

The lawsuits specifically mention Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5, as well as blood oxygen monitoring and heart rate monitoring systems. Masimo wants to prevent the continued use of its patented inventions.

Apple Watch phone

Other details, such as the amount Masimo requires, are not yet known. Apple has not made any official statements at this time.

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