5 Reasons to Avoid the Tesla Cybertruck

5 Reasons to Avoid the Tesla Cybertruck

Ten years ago, it seemed like electric cars were a nice idea that might not take off. The threat of not being able to charge your car other than at home scared a lot of people off from buying them. Nobody also knew how the cars were going to hold up after years of driving them. Today, it’s rare to not see an electric car driving down the road.

Chargers are more and more common in front stores, allowing you to get a charge if you need to while running errands. The most common electric car brand to see on the road is Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA). Regardless of your thoughts and feelings on Elon Musk, you can’t deny his ability to bring attention to the company. One of the newest models that’s been released is the Cybertruck. While it won’t be available until 2025, it’s smart to stay away from it. This is why you shouldn’t purchase a Tesla Cybertruck.

It’s Way Bigger Than Most Cars

While this might seem appealing to a lot of people, you should think about how hard it’s going to be to drive. Most of us are used to having at least a little bit of room in lanes. With the Cybertruck, this isn’t the case. You have to maintain a perfect line while driving. Whenever you park the car somewhere, you’re going to end up being “That person” who takes up four spots. Nobody likes that person. And imagine trying to fit it inside your garage. It’s going to overtake the entire space. Even though it’s sad to think about, the size of the Cybertruck is a negative.

It’s Not Cheap

Owning a Cybertruck is going to hurt your wallet more than you might expect. The minimum starting price appears to be around $70,000 when it’s released to the public. This isn’t even taking into account whenever the car might need a repair or an upgrade. Because nobody is going to know exactly what it’s going to take to fix the car, Tesla is going to always charge you more than they should. The world has become so much more expensive over the last few years, a trend that doesn’t appear to be changing. Instead of spending money on a car, spend it elsewhere.

It Will Be Illegal to Own Unless Changes Are Made

Why would you want to own a car that isn’t even street-legal? That’s right. As of right now, the Cybertruck wouldn’t even be allowed to drive on the roads. The lighting the car gives off, lack of side mirrors, tires extending out beyond the wheel arch, and lack of crumple zones wouldn’t allow it to pass inspection. There will be changes made to the car before it’s released. But why design a car that you know isn’t even legal to drive and market it this way? Tesla is making a questionable choice with the car and who knows what it will look like when all is said and done.

You Don’t Know How It’s Going to Perform in the Long Term

One of the most important things to consider when buying a car is how it’s going to last seven years after you buy it. There are a lot of examples of cars that will outlast the payment you’re making on it. The second you buy a new car that hasn’t been released to the public, there’s always a worry about how it will hold up over time. Cars are one of the most important investments you’ll make in your life. While you’ll never actually make back what you put into the car, it can help you make some of the best memories you’ll have. The Cybertruck has too many question marks surrounding it to feel confident in purchasing before time has shown us how it holds up.

It Will Get Destroyed in Public

There was a viral trend of people keying Teslas because they were bitter and annoyed that they couldn’t afford to drive one. There’s also such a negative stigma attached to Elon Musk and any company he owns. People want to take him down however they can. If they’re doing that to the regular cars, imagine what’s going to happen when the Cybertruck is released. There will be so many people who want to destroy it. You might see someone with a baseball bat attack the car, and all you did was own it and be a normal person.

The Cybertruck is a very interesting idea, especially with how popular electric vehicles have become over the last decade. For now, it’s smart to avoid wanting to purchase one. Maybe in five years or so when we get a good sense about where the car is.

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