The automaker is targeting Tesla customers

The automaker is targeting Tesla customers

Lexus is taking on Tesla in the electric vehicle sector with an angle-abundant, futuristic car design reminiscent of a diamond.

With Elon Musk lowering prices on certain Tesla models to under $40,000, Lexus is looking to make a statement with the LF-ZC and LF-ZL luxury models, with the ZC set to debut in 2026. The ZL crossover is reported by MotorTrend (MT) to be coming later.

The ZC is about the size of the popular Tesla Model 3, according to TheStreet’s James Ochoa, who likens the ZC profile to a diamond due to the edgy contours. The interior is reportedly roomy with bamboo trim, high-tech screens, and a panoramic glass roof.

And, the vehicles don’t just look state-of-the-art. Lexus designers promise some impressive range and charge times as well. The automaker claims the ZC has a 622-mile range, charging 10% to 80% in 20 minutes, per MT.

The auto publication doesn’t have a lot of details on how Lexus pulls off those driving specs other than improved energy density thanks to the battery pack configuration. The sleek vehicle is also touted as having great aerodynamics, an attribute that might be a bit undervalued when talking EV performance.

Other unique features include “yoke” steering (a concept borrowed from Tesla) — the steering wheel is shaped like a rectangle, more or less, carrying the unique geometric shapes inside. Smartphone-sized screens provide a mostly button-less control interface, per MT.

It all adds up to a car that at least looks futuristic and fun to drive, as showcased in an advertisement shared on YouTube by DPCcars.

“The ZC sedan looks especially sleek,” Frank Markus wrote for MT. The publication predicts pricing to be more mainstream at $65,000 to $75,000.

If you think that’s still a little steep, take solace in the fact that a butler is included, albeit of the artificial intelligence variety.

“Butler” is a voice-recognition system that uses AI and other software for a unique experience, according to TS.

“[T]he system personalizes various car functions and characteristics to assist or enhance the driving experience,” Ochoa wrote in his TS story.

As Tesla tries to remain America’s EV king (though its market share is slipping, per Reuters), Lexus seems to be jockeying for a larger piece of the expanding pie.

And it “has the luxury car chops to blow them out of the water,” Ochoa wrote.

Adding to the praise is DPCcars, posting with the video clip, “It’s clear that Lexus is poised to redefine the automotive landscape with this remarkable … concept.”

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