Elon Musk and the British Prime Minister will discuss risks

Elon Musk and the British Prime Minister will discuss risks

Elon Musk, the world’s wealthiest individual, and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, are set to discuss the dangers of artificial intelligence or AI in a live-streamed discussion following the U.K. summit.

What Happened: On Monday, Sunak revealed his plans to discuss AI risks with Musk on X (formerly Twitter). This dialogue comes after an AI summit at Bletchley Park, Britain’s WWII code breakers hub, set for Wednesday and Thursday, reported Bloomberg.

While three U.K. government officials expect Musk to be present at the summit, neither Musk himself nor representatives for X or Tesla Inc. TSLA have confirmed his attendance.

Sunak called the summit to create an international consensus on AI regulation, aiming to prevent misuse of the technology in areas like election interference, terrorism, or the creation of chemical and biological weapons.

Musk, who has ties to AI companies xAI and OpenAI, has previously called for a “referee” in AI development. His participation would add star power to the event, which Sunak hopes will draw world leaders and top tech executives.

Why It Matters: This summit is part of the UK’s effort to address five key objectives in AI regulation, which was announced at a global Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit in September.

The event aims to establish a shared understanding of AI technology regulation among prominent figures from academia, politics, and major tech companies.

This conversation also comes at a time when AI regulations are undergoing significant changes globally.

On Monday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to ensure more safety in the AI space. Meanwhile, major tech companies like Microsoft Corp. MSFT, Meta Platforms Inc. META, and Alphabet Inc. GOOGL have voluntarily committed to deploying AI safely.

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