8 Reasons Why Tesla Still Makes the Best EVs

8 Reasons Why Tesla Still Makes the Best EVs

Despite tough competition from traditional automaker giants, Tesla remains ahead of the pack with its excellent electric vehicles.

Tesla needed to overcome many hurdles not only as a startup vehicle maker, but as a pioneer in the world of electric vehicles. From building a charging infrastructure for its vehicles, to establishing service centers the world over, the automaker has exceeded all expectations.

Although other automakers are catching up to Tesla with great EV offerings of their own, Tesla vehicles still offer certain advantages over traditional automaker’s electric cars.

1. Instantly Recognizable Design

Tesla’s design language is instantly recognizable. Whether you actually like the look or not is up to individual taste, but it’s undeniable that Tesla has created a unique aesthetic. When you see a Tesla, the first thing you’ll notice is the plain front end that’s devoid of a grille. This look has become the signature of electric vehicles, with other automakers giving their vehicles Tesla-inspired noses.

One of the best examples of this is the Hyundai Kona EV, which sports the typical closed-off front end look that Tesla made famous. Even though the competition is taking inspiration from Tesla in terms of design, Tesla is still the original and the best. It also helps that Tesla’s SUVs are basically scaled up versions of its sedans, further cementing its design language.

2. Supercharger Network

Report: Tesla V3 Supercharger Output To Be Increased To 324 kW

Tesla offers a global fast charging network known as Superchargers. It’s one of the biggest reasons people love their Tesla vehicles so much. Electric vehicles have always suffered from a perceived (sometimes fairly) lack of driving range, but the Supercharger network automatically makes a Tesla one of the best vehicles if you’re planning an EV road trip.

The Supercharger network is vast, and Tesla’s navigation automatically sets up required Supercharger stops to get you to your destination range anxiety-free. The best thing about Tesla’s Supercharger network is that it’s also fast, so you can expect to recharge your Tesla in no time at all taking advantage of the 250 kW max charging rate.

3. Over-the-Air Updates

Tesla is at the forefront of keeping its vehicles up to date. The great part is you won’t even have to set foot in a dealership to receive the latest software in your Tesla. If you own a Tesla vehicle, it will receive constant updates through Wi-Fi over its service life. These updates add and improve functionality on your vehicle.

This might take some getting used to, especially if you’re used to conventional vehicles, since over-the-air updates are more common in things like smartphones and tablets, but you’ll soon realize how useful it is.

4. Minimalist Interior

Like its exteriors, Tesla interiors are iconic and the minimalist aesthetic sets them apart from other EV manufacturers. Electric vehicles are often very plush on the inside, but many of these interiors are difficult to tell apart from the ones found in traditional internal combustion luxury vehicles.

Tesla interiors have a futuristic look to them, especially when you go for the Ultra White vegan leather option; combine this with the contrasting black accents, and the Model S has one of the best-looking EV interiors on the market. Even the HVAC vents are neatly hidden in the Model S, which is a great move because traditional climate control vents would detract from the clean aesthetic.

5. Elegant Touchscreen User Interface

Many car manufacturers are stepping up their game when it comes to their vehicles’ consoles and the functionality offered, but Tesla’s central touchscreen remains one of the most beautiful user interfaces on the market.

This is very apparent when you adjust your Tesla’s climate settings, which feature elegant animations representing the flow of air in real time. The solution is elegant; you can move the air stream with your fingers, adjusting the flow however you see fit. This implementation of the HVAC controls is effortless to use and is almost as intuitive as adjusting a vent manually (although some people think touchscreens in cars are a bad idea.)

6. Passionate Community of Owners

The Tesla community is very enthusiastic about their vehicles and they love sharing information about their personal ownership experience online. A large, dedicated community of like-minded individuals is a great asset when you’re venturing into an EV purchase for the first time. Forums like Tesla Motors Club provide invaluable resources for the new Tesla owner.

One thing to keep in mind when navigating forums is to use the search functionality before asking a question. This is a huge pet peeve of forum members, especially if your question has already been answered a bunch of times. Other than that, be prepared to meet a loyal fanbase that is ready to make your transition to electric motoring a pleasant one.

7. Great Performance Values

Tesla offers some of the best deals in the car industry when it comes to performance EVs. Just take a look at its Model S Plaid, which can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 1.99 seconds and complete the quarter-mile in 9.23 seconds. These are numbers that are unparalleled, even if you go for cars that cost twice as much. There isn’t a stock Lamborghini on the planet that can keep up with the Model S Plaid in a straight line. Plus, Italian supercars like a Lamborghini Aventador can go for more than three times the price of a Model S Plaid.

Even electric sedans like the Porsche Taycan Turbo S are no match for the Model S Plaid when it comes to acceleration for your dollar. Tesla has always been a brand focused on performance; the incredible thing is that it’s also able to conserve respectable range figures in its ultra-high performance models as well.

8. Tons of Unique Features

Tesla has always been an innovative company that releases features in its cars that catch the competition off guard. The Model X is a perfect example of this. Upon its introduction, people couldn’t stop talking about the Model X’s remarkable falcon-style doors. The falcon-doors add an undeniable cool-factor that’s hard to beat.

The same goes for innovative features like Tesla’s Dog Mode, which is a climate control feature that uniquely caters to your four-legged best friend’s safety while inside the car. Awesome features like these are what help Tesla stand out from the competition. Even controversial features like the steering yoke have had an undeniable impact on the industry.

Even With a Flurry of Competition, Tesla Is Ahead of the Curve

Tesla’s competitors have stepped up their respective games, but the original EV giant still has the upper hand when it comes to producing the best electric vehicles on the market. This is especially true when it comes to performance EVs like the blisteringly quick Model S Plaid.

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