Details emerge about the new Tesla Cybertruck

Details emerge about the new Tesla Cybertruck

Deliveries for the Tesla Cybertruck will begin within the next three months. Apparently, some people have been able to test drive the stainless steel beast and wanted to share it with the world.

Matthew Donegan-Ryan, an active user following Cybertruck closely, shared a treasure trove of details he claims came from someone who test-drove the Cybertruck earlier in the week.

The truck’s performance is said to rival the Plaid Model X, with several insiders confirming the performance Cybertruck will harness the same tri-motor setup as the Plaid. That would explain why Elon Musk posted that the Performance version of Cybertruck kicks ass. This is thrilling news for those who’ve felt the power of the Plaid Model X.

Bi-directional Charging & 240v Outlet

One of the most intriguing features is its bi-directional charging, meaning it can receive and give back energy. This is paired with the inclusion of a 240v outlet. The utility implications here are vast, potentially allowing the Cybertruck to act as a power bank during blackouts or camping.

When quizzed about the range, details remain tight-lipped. However, Donegan-Ryan speculates the battery size could lie between 120 and 140 kWh, with a range slightly below the 500 miles announced during the prototype unveiling.

Powered Frunk

The frunk is so spacious that a man standing at 5’7″ can lie down in it. This detail alone showcases the immense storage capacity the Cybertruck offers. And if you’re wondering about its design, Donegan-Ryan mentions the frunk’s power open/close mechanism, suggesting that it will be utilized far more often than in other Tesla models.

Rear Glass and Separate Bluetooth Audio

One feature for adventurers is that the mid-gate glass opens, although there are no HVAC ports in the bed. Although not ideal, this design makes camping in the bed viable with climate control. For those with families, a new feature that connects audio from the rear screen entertainment to Bluetooth headphones promises to be a game changer.

No Bullet Proof Windows

The interiors also don’t disappoint. The seats in the Cybertruck are described as broader and more plush than the Model X Plaid’s. With the floor carpeted like other Teslas, there’s a distinct touch of luxury. We did notice that on a recent bizarre video shared online. Notably, the windows aren’t bulletproof but feature double-glazed quiet windows like the new Model 3 for a serene driving experience.

Tailgate Ramp Gets Dropped

However, contrary to some rumors, the tailgate has no built-in ramp. The suspension promises to be more comfortable than the S/X models, and the turning radius is reported to be outstanding. In a nod to its rugged appeal, the Cybertruck’s clearance levels on the suspension show the actual height instead of the typical low/medium/high settings. For example, the high setting stands at 14.5 inches.

Spare Tire

Finally, a nod to traditional truck features: the Cybertruck will be equipped with a spare wheel, an array of tow and trailer modes, and a bed equipped with three outlets.

Delivery Event

One last tidbit: the Cybertruck delivery event has been set. However, when it is remains a mystery. Tesla holds its third-quarter earnings call on October 18, which would provide a perfect audience to make the delivery date public.

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