Elon Musk’s father said he abandoned Tesla

Elon Musk’s father said he abandoned Tesla

Errol Musk

  • Errol Musk, Elon Musk’s dad, said he turned down his son’s offer to send a Tesla to South Africa.
  • The EV was too expensive to ship, Errol told Insider. He drives a Rolls-Royce, instead.
  • The billionaire’s father also said he also owns a vintage plane.

Elon Musk’s father doesn’t drive a Tesla — and doesn’t plan to anytime soon.

In January 2022, Errol Musk turned down his son’s offer to gift him a Tesla and ship it to his home in South Africa, he told Insider.

His decision partly hinged on the cost of shipping and import fees, which Elon offered to swallow. The cost of the car, shipping, and fees came to a total of about 3.5 million rand — or just over $180,000, Errol said.

“They weren’t worried about it, but I said ‘Look, it’s just not worth it,'” Errol said.

It’s not surprising Elon wasn’t concerned about the cost: $180,000 represented about 0.00006% of Elon’s $278 billion net worth at the time.

“There’s no service facility here. There’s no Tesla representation yet,” Errol added, explaining why he declined his son’s offer. “No charging stations. I said, ‘Please, we don’t want to do this.'”

In Walter Isaacson’s recent biography of Elon, the author wrote that Errol once owned a gold Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible.

While Errol has never owned a Tesla, he said he’s done his fair share of test drives, including taking the Tesla Roadster out for a spin.
“If I lived in the US, I’d drive a Tesla without a doubt,” Errol Musk said. “You go to Austin and every time you turn around you’re at a Tesla charging station.”
With more than 20,000 Superchargers in North America, Tesla has the region’s largest network of roadside fast chargers.
Elon and his father have had a rocky relationship over the years.
Isaacson wrote that Elon and his brother Kimbal cut off communication with their father — an assertion that Errol denies.
Errol said he’d communicated with Elon Musk’s office regarding funding for a trip Errol plans to take to Florida in November just hours before speaking to Insider on September 22.
“I have the same relationship with my sons as my father had with me,” Errol said. “In other words, we are men, we don’t hang out with each other. They’re my children. I’m their dad. I’m not their pal.”

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