A look at Tesla battery longevity

A look at Tesla battery longevity

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If you live in a cooler climate, you’ve probably heard Teslas aren’t good in the winter. Turns out they are better in the cold! A recent study by Recurrent titled “Climate Zone Effect on Tesla Battery Range” brings to light key data that could guide both potential and existing Tesla owners in maximizing their vehicle’s performance and longevity.

Central to this study is the “Range Score,” an innovative metric that summarizes the existing percentage of a vehicle’s original battery range. In simpler terms, a Tesla with a Range Score of 90 can deliver 90% of the battery range it initially offered. This score is especially noteworthy for being based on the observed range when new, as opposed to the often inaccurate EPA range.

Climate Impacts on Tesla’s Battery Performance

Leveraging the climate zone classifications outlined by the US Department of Energy, the study paints a detailed picture of how Teslas fare in different climates. The research shows that 2020 Tesla Model Ys in cold and marine environments boast a slightly higher average Range Score, around 95, compared to those in hot climates, about 92. Though the difference might seem marginal, it signals a broader trend that could interest potential buyers and existing owners.

Tips to Shield Your Tesla’s Battery from Climate Effects

The study brings forward encouraging news for Tesla enthusiasts residing in hot regions. You can enhance your vehicle’s battery life by adopting simple yet effective strategies like parking in cool, shaded areas and avoiding a full battery charge. Considering an LFP battery for new purchases could also be a game-changer, given its high-temperature resilience.

Tesla owners in colder regions have less to worry about, as the drop in range during cold periods is temporary. As the warmer season rolls in, the vehicle naturally regains its original performance level, saving it from long-term battery damage.

Empowering Buyers and Owners with Actionable Insights

Recurrent empowers buyers and owners by integrating this climate-focused data into their Verified Reports, offering detailed insights into each vehicle’s history. For those in the market for a Tesla, these reports can be a valuable tool in gauging a vehicle’s true potential and past maintenance.

If you are wondering why the researcher who authored the study picked Tesla, it wasn’t just to get the headlines. Because there are more Teslas on the road than any other EV, the company provides the most data – it wasn’t just to pick on one manufacturer. Recurrent also released its findings from a Supercharger study a few weeks ago.

The “Climate Zone Effect on Tesla Battery Range” study by Recurrent sheds light on how different climates affect Tesla’s battery life and equips owners with the knowledge to get the most out of their battery.

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