Tesla Cybertruck Named Former Board Member

Tesla Cybertruck Named Former Board Member

Tesla Cybertruck is being teased as a “next-gen police vehicle” by former Tesla board member and Oracle founder, Larry Ellison.

Until recently, Larry Ellison, a large Tesla shareholder, was on the automaker’s board of directors.

The Oracle founder was giving a keynote address at the company’s CloudWorld 2023 conference yesterday and made some interesting comments about the Tesla Cybertruck.

The CTO and executive chair was talking about Oracle’s software solutions for law enforcement, especially for police vehicles, when he introduced what he called Oracle’s “next-generation police vehicle” with this picture of a Cybertruck.

Ellison said:

Our next-generation police car is coming out very soon. It’s my favorite police car. It’s my favorite car, actually. It’s Elon’s favorite car. It’s incredible. I know too much about it, some still to be disclosed, but amongst other things, it’s incredibly safe, very fast, it’s got a stainless steel body.

The Oracle executive seemed serious about the company deploying its technology to make the Tesla Cybertruck a law enforcement vehicle because he said that they planned on using the existing screen and cameras inside the vehicle to deploy their software solutions.

Ellison says that they have already deployed those solutions in other Tesla police vehicles in California.

Tesla vehicles have become extremely popular with police departments across the US in recent years.

They are finding that electric vehicles are perfect for use as patrol vehicles and that using electric vehicles drastically reduces operation costs through gas savings.

The Somerset PD was one of the first police departments to buy a Model Y to use as a police patrol, and they believe that a single Model Y could save them $80,000 over 10 years due to gas savings and lower maintenance costs.

It will be interesting to see if the Cybertruck becomes the new electric vehicle of choice for the police department.

The electric pickup truck is due to launch in the US in the coming weeks.

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