Owners of Tesla Model S and X can now

Owners of Tesla Model S and X can now

Tesla Model S and Model X owners can now purchase upgraded brake pads and calipers, according to an email being sent to customers.

On Wednesday, Tesla began sending emails to Model S and X owners, announcing new brake pad kits with improved thermal capacity and caliper kits in red featuring HTC pads (via Sawyer Merritt). The upgraded brake pad kits are now available for $750 for those with the Model S and X, and those with black calipers on their Plaid edition Model S or X can now upgrade to the red calipers for $2,700.

The email says owners can “Get better pedal feel, braking predictability, and slower brake fade onset with a brake pad upgrade.” It also details the red brake caliper upgrade, adding that Plaid vehicles built after January 12 of this year already include both the brake pad and red caliper upgrades.

Here’s a look at the email in a screenshot from someone at the Tesla Motors Club forum:

The news also comes after Tesla has shared a handful of updates to the Model S and X in recent weeks amidst the automaker’s rollout of the newly redesigned Model 3. Interestingly enough, Tesla dropped the Standard Range options for both the Model S and X with the update and made all of its premium paint options for the sedan and SUV free.

The updates, which were made at the end of August, also included a 15-percent price cut on the Model S Long Range and a 17-percent cut on the Model S Plaid price. Tesla also dropped the price of the Model X Long Range by 18.8 percent and the Model X Plaid by about 17 percent.

Since then, Tesla has also made its steering yoke option a $1,000 upgrade, though the controversial yoke was shipped standard with Model S and X units upon release. Shortly thereafter, Tesla started offering a steering wheel retrofit option for $700, before beginning to ship units with the round wheel instead earlier this year.

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