3 signs Cybertruck will be delayed again

3 signs Cybertruck will be delayed again

  • Elon Musk is still making complex demands about the appearance of the Cybertruck.
  • Details on Tesla’s futuristic-looking Cybertruck are still sparse.
  • No date has been set for a delivery event this month.

The Tesla Cybertruck is finally supposed to arrive this month, after years of delays and anticipation.

CEO Elon Musk has previously said he hoped to hand over the first customer trucks at an event in late September. Production started in earnest over the summer, and sightings of the truck are ramping up as more of them are built.

But some signs are bubbling up that yet another delay could be in store for the trapezoidal truck. Industry analysts and fans are starting to get anxious as Musk makes last-minute demands about the truck’s appearance, and not date has been set for a launch party for order-holders of the Cybertruck.

Tesla did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Musk first announced the truck in 2019, and set a goal of beginning production in 2021. Here are three signs the Cybertruck could be delayed yet again:

Musk is making new demands about the truck’s appearance

In a leaked internal email last month, Musk told Tesla employees that the Cybertruck needs to be “designed and built to sub 10 micron accuracy.” A demand like this, which would require imperfections in the Cybertruck to be imperceptible to the naked eye, is an impossible ask at the production phase, manufacturing experts said.

“Getting perfection that close to micron errors has to be designed in at the beginning,” said Sam Fiorani, vice president of global vehicle forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions. “It’s a much more dynamic piece of the puzzle than just telling the people putting it together, ‘You got to be good about putting it together.'”

To Fiorani, this last-minute demand from Musk is a sign the CEO is sweating some of the truck’s comparisons and early criticisms, and hoping to learn from past mistakes. It could also mean early batches are smaller than initially promised, he said.

Details on the Cybertruck are still sparse

Some Cybertruck order-holders have told Insider that they are concerned about how few details Tesla has shared with them on the Cybertruck. Supposedly weeks from the official launch, customers still don’t know how much they will pay for the truck, or exactly how large it will be.

Details like pricing and available builds are normally released well before the launch of a vehicle. While builds tend to remain more static, prices are subject to change. But it is industry standard to set a base price early in the rollout of a vehicle, according to automotive retail experts.

And this isn’t just any Tesla vehicle launch: it’s Tesla’s entrance into the highly-competitive pickup truck market, where specs and prices are closely followed by shoppers.

“You are going to compete with some of the best vehicle manufacturers on the planet,” Fiorani said of the truck market. “Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, and Toyota are not going to easily give up any market share.”

Tesla hasn’t set a date for the Cybertruck launch party

Late last month, Tesla said customers could buy invitations to a Cybertruck delivery event using 30,000 referral credits, which owners accrue through Tesla purchases. While this is a sign the party is drawing nearer, a date has yet to be set.

Musk previously said the launch party would happen toward the end of the third quarter, which ends in September.

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