Tesla Model 3 Highland First Review

Tesla Model 3 Highland First Review

The first driving test of the newly announced Tesla Model 3 Highland facelift is up with commentary in English. The drive tests the new suspension, seats, steering wheel response, and 0-60 performance.

Tesla just announced the Model 3 Highland facelift today and the first video reviews peg it as more comfortable to drive and less noisy inside than its predecessor. The Model 3 Highland is a bit more expensive, though, ranging from 2.4% in Europe to 12% in China, where it comes in new Flame Red and Starry Grey colors.

Tesla gave the Model 3 Highland the most aerodynamic body it has ever created with a drag coefficient of less than 0.22 Cd, and streamlined the head- and tail lights design around a more elongated body. There is also a brand new suspension aimed at added road comfort, as well as better noise isolation.

One of the first Model 3 Highland test drives concurs with Tesla’s softer suspension claims as well as the cabin noise reduction, but notes that the noise is still rather audible, though better than in the older Model 3. They, however, confirm that the new materials for the interior are of higher quality and “a lot softer” which also improves the acoustics from the new audio system with up to 17 speakers and two subwoofers.

They play around with the new ambient lighting running along the cabin and praise the dual internal screens – front and rear – for their responsiveness and slimmer bezels.

The tester got the 2024 Model 3 Long Range version from Tesla which sports 463HP and accelerates from 0-62MPH for 4.4 seconds. The top speed with the new standard 19-inch Nova Wheels with silent Hankook tires, however, has been reduced from 233 to 201 kilometres per hour.

That’s a rather significant drop in the Highland’s top speed with the stock tire option, but the driver decided to do a 0-62 MPH run, too. The new Model 3 managed to knock it in 4.6 seconds on the country road, so acceleration is about as advertised and that’s what counts for comfortable passing.

Next Model 3 Highland driving test will be in Germany on the Autobahn, so that the actual top speed and any range improvement could be compared as well.

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