More information about the Tesla Model 3 Highland

More information about the Tesla Model 3 Highland

Tesla first unveiled the Model 3 back in 2017, with first deliveries into Australia starting in 2019. Since then the Model 3 has become a best-seller and up until recently held the top spot on the EV sales podium.

Over the past 6 months, sightings of the next-generation Model 3 electric sedan have started to emerge.

The most recent one happens to be in France, where several features on the Model 3 have been seen up close for the first time. That’s thanks to two videos shared by Tesla enthusiast, DidChoucroute, on Twitter/X, where he does a walk-around the a Model 3 in camouflage.

The first video shows the front headlights up close while Tesla’s test driver is taking a car cover from the boot of the vehicle. They appear much narrower and sleeker than those found on the first-generation Model 3.

From there, the test driver starts covering the vehicle with the cover but during that process, the camera pans closer to the European number plate where it appears the front camera is located.

This is a new addition to the upcoming Model 3, likely to help the autopilot and self-driving suite see better in various conditions. It would also enhance the field of view that the car has which could be seen inside the vehicle which could make it safer in certain situations.

Another video video pans around the side and back of the car. It shows the new wheels on offer. They look like a variation of the black wheels offered on the 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance in Australia and the Arachnid wheels offered on the Tesla Model S sedan in the US.

In the second video, it can also be seen that the car is at a Supercharger site, and Tesla clearly does not want too much revealed on the upcoming car which is why it’s being covered even when charging out in public.

The new Model 3 is codenamed in the Tesla community as “Project Highland”. With more sightings from many parts of the world, including in New Zealand in recent weeks, it appears to be not far from its official reveal

At this stage, Tesla has not disclosed anything about the vehicle or its unveiling. That unveiling is likely to occur in China first, where many of the Highland vehicles have been spotted under car covers at Tesla’s Shanghai factory.

Given that’s where Tesla builds cars for the Australian market, it could be only a matter of months before the first upgraded Model 3s land in Australia.

All of these, like the vehicle spotted in France, are covered when out in public to ensure minimal leaks.

The next generation of the Model 3 will bring many changes and with the current model’s design being 6 years old now, a refresh will be well received by current and future buyers of a great electric sedan.

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