The first complete set of Cybertruck will cost

The first complete set of Cybertruck will cost

Tesla started sending out Cybertruck launch event invites at the price of 30,000 referral credits and now more info on how it may all go down has appeared. The lucky first Cybertruck owners will reportedly get their deliveries during the announcement event and they’ve been tipped the price.

Tesla has reportedly chosen a few “high visibility” personalities to announce its first Cybertruck deliveries to during a planned launch event in “3 to 4 weeks” where it would also reveal the Cybertruck price. Those lucky people who will be the first to own a Cybertruck, have apparently been told to prepare for pricing in the “mid to high 70s,” or starting from about US$75,000.

This Cybertruck price is way above the US$40,000 that Elon Musk teased when announcing Tesla’s first electric pickup almost four years ago, or even above the US$60,000 starting tag that analysts are now forecasting. The first Cybertruck deliveries, however, are going to industry influencers, and they will reportedly all get premium AWD trims, so at a later date when Tesla releases a RWD Cybertruck option it could be priced much lower still.

Many Tesla centers around the country will receive 5 or 6 early production units to distribute after the launch event, too, of the type that has been spotted crossing the distance from Giga Texas to Fremont on trailers since this past week. The source confirms that Tesla is assembling about 10 Cybertrucks a day now, with the help of some manual labor to speed up the process.

The people who are on Tesla’s marketing team list for early deliveries of those “high-end” early builds have allegedly already been contacted if and how they want to take them. This jibes with a previous report about an “imminent” launch event before which Tesla employees are being asked whether they want the dual- or tri-motor Cybertruck option as an early delivery trim.

The first Cybertruck owners are apparently being told that the launch event will be in the “next 3 to 4 weeks,” which, presuming that the invitations are going out this week, means a Cybertruck release date in mid-September, or shortly thereafter, just as Elon Musk promised during Tesla’s Q1 investor call.

Tesla referral credit owners can now reserve a spot for the Cybertruck launch event against 30,000 credits, while the festivities will reportedly be streamed live directly from Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, TX.

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