Elon Musk Faces ‘Bud Light Treatment’

Elon Musk Faces ‘Bud Light Treatment’

Social media users are wondering if Elon Musk‘s X will be next company to get the “Bud Light treatment,” after the 52-year-old’s comment to movie star James Woods outraged fans.

The conservative actor has long been a fan of X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, and he has used the platform to express his political opinions for several years.

However, the 76-year-old appears to be unhappy with Musk’s rumored decision to remove the “block” feature, preventing users from blocking others whose posts, messages and comments they don’t want to see.

“If @elonmusk removes the ability to block concerted harassment by trolls or organized political entities, how will “X” be any different from Jack Dorsey’s horrid Twitter?” asked Woods on August 19.

“Musk, whom I once championed, is only doing this to protect his advertisers anyway. Users of X are mere pawns to turn the site into an electronic shopping mall.

“The man I thought was a defender of free speech is just another greedy capitalist. Disappointing, but not surprising.”

In response to Woods’ post, 52-year-old Musk replied: “Then delete your account,” angering fans of the Videodrome star. Newsweek has reached out to Woods and Musk for comment.

The tech magnate purchased the social network from creator Jack Dorsey in October 2022 and he has made controversial changes to the platform, including renaming it “X” and making the famous blue verification tick a paid feature.

Earlier this year, Bud Light and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev, received similar backlash from conservatives. In April, the brand sent transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a crate of beer, with the 26-year-old social media star using the beverage to celebrate her first year of womanhood.

Mulvaney dressed as Breakfast at Tiffany’s character Holly Golightly for the promotional TikTok video, which led to Bud Light being “canceled” among some conservative buyers.

Right-wing celebrities also joined the boycott. Kid Rock shared a video of himself shooting a crate of Bud Light with a machine gun to social media, while country singer Travis Tritt banned the beverage from his tour bus.

Now, users are suggesting that X is about the get the same treatment, with Woods’ denouncement of the platform triggering a surge of support from his fanbase.

“Is X next to get the Bud Light treatment?” asked user JD.

“Large accounts like Mr. Woods are what has made “X” successful,” said @USBornNRaised.

“Time to unsubscribe Twiter Blue,” wrote ISupportThePoliceNotCriminals.

“Telling James Woods to delete his account for his valid criticism of your proposed policy is a pretty good way to burn lots of good-will for no good reason,” said Viva Frei.

“@RealJamesWood literally gave up his Hollywood [career] and millions of dollars in support of free speech and this is how @elonmusk responds to his honest assessment of removing the block feature on X,” commented Vince Langman. “Truly shameful and telling.”

While @VINNYSMOM86 shared a photo of a young Woods with the caption: “You mess with this man, you messin’ with his whole Twitter fam. America loves you Mr. James Woods.”

Woods previously claimed that his outspoken political posts have led to him being “blacklisted” in Hollywood, after his former agent allegedly dropped him over his right-wing commentary in 2018.

The movie star has caused uproar on the social network several times, including with his post praising former president Donald Trump and for calling Democratic politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “moron.”

Woods also raised eyebrows after pursuing legal action against a deceased Twitter user who called him a “cocaine addict” in 2017, and he was temporarily banned from the platform in 2020, supposedly due to comments about 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

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