Tesla Model 3 “Highland” will go to showrooms

Tesla Model 3 “Highland” will go to showrooms

Tesla is set to transport Model 3 “Highland” sedans to showrooms in China, putting them on display for customers, later this month, a new report from Bloomberg claims.

Speaking to anonymous sources that are familiar with the matter, the report indicates that Tesla is “nearing the completion of display vehicle manufacturing” at the Gigafactory Shanghai plant in China. Tesla plans to transport these vehicles to showrooms in the country “in the latter part of August.”

Mass production is slated to begin soon thereafter and ramp up through China’s National Holiday that starts on September 30.

Tesla has been developing the new “Highland” Model 3 design for over a year, and recently, rumors regarding the potential release of the vehicle have intensified due to increased sightings and more leaks from factories.

As recent as yesterday, reports out of China had indicated that Tesla is planning to set the stage for first deliveries as soon as September. Tesla salespeople are even encouraging customers to pay RMB 1,000 (around $137) for a reservation, according to a report from China Securities Journal.

Earlier this month, we reported that several Chinese financial outlets had indicated Tesla has already started trial production in China for the new Model 3 design, and mass production was slated for September. Initial deliveries, according to this report, would not begin until October.

It seems that the delivery date is still up in the air, but based on all the various reports, the Highland Model 3 should be available in China within the next 2-3 months.

Interestingly, Tesla has also performed upgrades at its Fremont Factory in Northern California that hinted toward Highland Model 3 production.

We have tracked the upgrades at the factory for some time, and the first permits we saw out of Fremont for the Highland project were listed during the Summer of 2023.

Things are continuing to move forward in China, however, and it seems the Model 3 Highland will make an appearance there first, while Tesla is likely to focus more on the release of the Cybertruck for the North American market, which is slated for its first deliveries before the end of the year.

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