Elon Musk biographer shares ‘invisible’ photo of home

Elon Musk biographer shares ‘invisible’ photo of home

Elon Musk

An ‘unseen’ photo of the World’s richest person, Elon Musk’s house is out in public. So where does the Tesla CEO live? Not many people are aware, Musk lives in a 2-bedroom house. Musk, whose net worth is $225,000,000,000 ($225 billion), sold his five grand houses in 2020 and moved to a tiny residence in Boca Chica, Texas.

Walter Isaacson, the author of an upcoming biography on Elon Musk, shared a photo of Musk’s tiny house and wrote, “In 2020, Musk decided to sell his five grand houses and to have as his primary residence this spartan two-bedroom house in Boca Chica, TX, where we would meet and he would sit at this wood table and make phone calls.”.

Issacson, who also authored Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs’ biography, said he would reveal in detail why Musk chose to stay in a 2-bedroom house in his forthcoming book.

One of the much-awaited biographies of the century will be available for the public from 12 September this year.

According to Amazon Inc’s website, the book ‘Elon Musk’ is “an intimate story of the most fascinating and controversial innovator of our era—a rule-breaking visionary who helped to lead the world into the era of electric vehicles, private space exploration, and artificial intelligence”.

For two years, author Issacson shadowed Musk, attended his meetings, walked his factories with him, and spent hours interviewing him, his family, friends, coworkers, and adversaries to write a biography on Musk.


The biography will share details about Musk’s childhood. Born in South Africa, Musk was beaten by bullies regularly. However, his relationship with his father was more tormenting than his schoolmates. Musk developed into a tough yet vulnerable man-child, prone to abrupt Jekyll-and-Hyde mood swings, with an exceedingly high tolerance for risk, a craving for drama, and a maniacal intensity that was callous and at times destructive.

At the beginning of 2022—after a year marked by SpaceX launching thirty-one rockets into orbit, Tesla selling a million cars, and him becoming the richest man on earth—Musk spoke ruefully about his compulsion to stir up dramas. “I need to shift my mindset away from being in crisis mode, which it has been for about fourteen years now, or arguably most of my life,” he said.

It was a wistful comment, not a New Year’s resolution. Even as he said it, he was secretly buying up shares of Twitter, the world’s ultimate playground.

Adding more to the drama, Musk changed the name of Twitter to ‘X’ recently, where he often writes about snarky rivalry with Thread founder Mark Zuckerberg.

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