Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ trial production

Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ trial production

Rumors of Tesla’s redesigned Model 3, known as “Highland,” are continuing to swirl in China, and there are even indications that the vehicle has already started to be built and deliveries could occur as soon as October.

The Highland Model 3 has been in development for more than a year.

While Tesla’s Fremont Factory in Northern California has been making moves to develop the car, at least according to filings, the Shanghai plant in China has become somewhat of a frontrunner for the new design.

Now, a new report from Chinese media outlets claims that Tesla is already producing the Model 3 Highland at Gigafactory Shanghai in a trial phase, and progress is “advanced when “compared to previous expectations:”

The report says (via Google Translate):

“It is reported that Tesla’s facelifted Model 3 has already started trial production, and it is expected to start mass supply in September and start delivery in October. Compared with previous expectations, this progress has been advanced. According to the estimated cost of components, the guide price of this new car is around 200,000 yuan, and it will use the 66 kWh M3P battery provided by Ningde Times. It is understood that the M3P battery may be mainly used purely with lithium manganese iron phosphate. With the early trial production of the Model 3, lithium manganese iron phosphate is expected to accelerate the release of capacity.”

If the report is accurate, the 200,000 yuan price would quite to roughly $27,811, which would make it extremely affordable and increase demand as the Model 3 and Model Y produced in China starts at 231,900 ($32,246.85) and 263,900 ($36,696.61), respectively

These reports have not been confirmed by Tesla, but the automaker does have a knack for remaining tight-lipped regarding new vehicle releases.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Changes

Tesla’s new Model 3 design aims to upgrade some of the cosmetic features, as leaked photographs of the vehicle have shown a new front-end design.

There have also been sightings of new tail lights, wheels, interior changes, and other modern improvements that will bring new life to the all-electric sedan.

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