Leaked Tesla Documents Reveal Extensive Delays

Leaked Tesla Documents Reveal Extensive Delays

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Tesla Inc.’s Cybertruck, eagerly anticipated by over 1.6 million customers, may face further delays in its production schedule, according to leaked documents obtained by German newspaper The Handelsblatt.

Wired, which examined the documents provided by a whistleblower, discovered that the prototype version of the Cybertruck, tested in January 2022, encountered significant issues, particularly with the braking system. These problems, along with numerous other concerns related to powertrain, suspension, structural integrity, and sealing, have caused preproduction Cybertruck prototypes to fall behind schedule.

The leaked documents revealed that the prototype Cybertruck exhibited problems such as “excessive pedal travel and inconsistent stop” as well as “excessive pitch during friction braking.” Braking instability during turning and power braking also posed challenges.

Difficulties arose in sealing the vehicle against external noise and weather, with the documents stating that several areas lacked a clear solution for achieving effective sealing. The suspension system was another area of concern, with the prototype Cybertruck falling significantly short of the targets set in this aspect.

Even though Tesla has faced some production delays over the years, it has achieved success by producing the best-selling vehicle worldwide with its Model Y.

Experts interviewed by Wired expressed surprise at the extent of the issues encountered by the prototype at such an advanced stage. One expert, who requested anonymity because of concerns about backlash from fervent Tesla supporters, stated, “My first reaction is I am astounded. These are classic mechanical automotive engineering challenges that you have in pretty much any vehicle. I’m blown away that they would be struggling so much with the basics.”

Despite the impressive number of preorders for the Cybertruck, industry experts and analysts, including Morgan Stanley, remain skeptical, viewing it as a niche product that may struggle to compete with mainstream pickup trucks.

According to a survey conducted by AmericanTrucks.com, more than 25% of the participants expressed their intention to purchase a Cybertruck. When asked about their top choice among trucks, the Tesla Cybertruck ranked second, narrowly trailing behind the Ford F-150 Lightning.

As of now, the Cybertruck has not been assigned an official price or release date. But with the latest revelations about the prototype’s significant shortcomings, doubts persist regarding when the eagerly awaited electric pickup will become available to customers.

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