Elon Musk says Tesla will try “soon”

Elon Musk says Tesla will try “soon”

Tesla FSD Beta 10.4

Rekindling the spirit of the legendary Cannonball Run, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, (who would make a great character in a reboot of the movie) breathed new life into his ambitious vision of a fully autonomous drive from Los Angeles to New York. This revelation brought back Musk’s prediction from 2016, highlighting a momentous stride in Tesla’s journey toward full self-driving technology.

The Starting Line: The Dawn of Tesla’s Autonomous Driving

The road towards Tesla’s full self-driving dreams began with significant strides in 2016, with the unveiling of the v7.1 software. This update marked a notable milestone by introducing the revolutionary ‘Summon’ feature, a harbinger of the potential for full autonomy. Summon, a driverless parking function, represented a daring leap forward in autonomous capabilities, igniting dreams of a future where cars would navigate complex roads and highways without human input.

Over the years, Tesla continued to push boundaries and exceed expectations in autonomous driving. The introduction of Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta was testimony to Tesla’s relentless pursuit of innovation. Despite the technical challenges and ongoing debates about the readiness of autonomous technology, Tesla kept its eyes on the prize – a fully autonomous vehicle navigating the complexities of all American roads without human intervention.

The Cannonball Run: Tesla’s Ultimate Challenge

The real challenge Musk proposed in the wake of the Summon feature’s launch was a vision grand enough to rival the infamous Cannonball Run. He aimed at a coast-to-coast autonomous journey – a high-stakes race against time and technology itself, reminiscent of the legendary underground race across America. This audacious prediction electrified the automobile industry, sparking curiosity and excitement. However, the multifaceted challenge of such a drive meant the dream had to be postponed.

Despite the initial delay, Musk’s dream of an autonomous LA to NY drive was far from extinguished. In a recent Twitter interaction, Musk reignited the hope for this autonomous endeavor with a succinct reply to a query about the much-anticipated drive: “Soon”. His one-word answer suggests that the ambitious goal, once seemingly stalled, is now back on the roadmap, revving up for the challenge.

Crossing the Finish Line: The Potential Impact of the Autonomous Drive

A successful autonomous coast-to-coast journey would be more than just a victory lap for Tesla; it would be a landmark moment in the history of autonomous driving. It would serve to silence critics who contend that Tesla’s current FSD solutions aren’t autonomous yet. They also have the requirement for an alert human operator. This monumental achievement would validate Tesla’s pioneering technology and catapult the company to an unrivaled position in the race toward full self-driving technology.

With the spirit of the Cannonball Run imbued in Tesla’s ambitious plans, the anticipation for the autonomous LA to NY journey seems closer every day. Elon Musk’s latest hint suggests that this historic chapter in autonomous driving may be just around the corner. One thing remains clear in this thrilling race: Tesla continues to be the pace-setter, leading the charge in automotive innovation and full self-driving technology.

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