7 Things Tesla Revealed About Its Next EV

7 Things Tesla Revealed About Its Next EV

While specifications and details are scarce, it is likely to be a hatchback

Tesla continues to be the leading international brand for EVs, even though it has no immediate plans to enter the Indian market. Currently, the brand has four electric cars on sale (Model S, 3, X and Y) and two in pre-production stage (Cybertruck and Roadster). At its 2023 Investor Day briefing, the American brand revealed some of its portfolio expansion plans and the next-generation EV.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming EVs so far:

Lighter Than Other Models

The next offering from Tesla will be a little lighter compared to its current lineup which should help extract more range even from a smaller battery pack. The reason being that the carmaker will be using a lesser amount of materials in its battery and fewer parts to remove any extra weight. The carmaker says even with the use of a lesser amount of materials for the battery and powertrain, the output will not be affected. Optimising all components used in the car, even details like reducing the length of cables needed by improving their pathing, helps trim excess material and reduce the overall weight.

Easier On The Planet

One of the overarching goals of Tesla as a brand leading the shift to electric mobility is a sustainable future. In response to those pointing out the environmental harm caused in the process of manufacturing EVs and the special materials required, the brand’s new-gen EV will also use fewer rare earth materials.

Cost-efficient Parts

Alongside the use of fewer parts, Tesla is also planning to reduce the cost of production of the parts it will still use like the car’s powertrain, microprocessors, harnesses and controllers. This is to be achieved by making adjustments in their design, making it more purpose-specific, thereby mitigating waste of precious metals or rate materials. The aim is to find a cheaper method of production and while improving the performance of the components.

More In Volume

One of the biggest hurdles for Tesla has been scaling up its production to keep up with the demand while also increasing the level of automation. It has now identified a new way of streamlining and speeding up the manufacturing process without any compromises on the final result. A faster pace of production will allow Tesla to manufacture the next-generation EV in a higher volume as compared to its other models. Pairing the higher production rate with the affordability of the upcoming electric car, it could become one of the most in-demand offerings from Tesla.

Most Affordable Tesla

A major issue faced while buying a Tesla is its price, as models from the carmaker are not cheap, even if they are made locally. Now, Tesla is not exactly a budget brand like some known legacy carmakers, but it understands that affordability leads to growth in volumes. By using fewer parts and rare materials and streamlined manufacturing processes, the cost of production will also go down, leading to a more affordable price tag for the next-generation Tesla EV.

Built In Mexico

The next-generation EV will be built in a new Gigafactory being set up in Mexico, and the construction has already begun. The advantage of this is that Tesla can set it up with the tooling and pathing required for the new-gen EV without disrupting any of its existing manufacturing processes at factories that are already producing the current crop of models. However, the carmaker did confirm that it will update existing Gigafactories with its new manufacturing practices over time.

Another EV In The Works

There is more than one next-generation EV (likely a hatchback) in Tesla’s pipeline, as the carmaker is also working on what seems to be an electric van. The electric van will most likely come after the hatchback. It will likely be aimed at commercial usage, like the Tesla Semi, where competitors like Ford and Rivian already have established their presence in the West.

This is all we know about Tesla’s upcoming next-generation EV and the carmaker’s future plans. While we wait for the unveiling of Tesla’s next offering, we should note that its next EV or any other model from its lineup will not be arriving in India anytime soon due to heavy tariffs on imported cars.

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