4J asks students to take online survey to assess access to technology for online learning.


If you are a parent of a 4j student, the district wants to hear from you on your student’s access to technology and learning from home.

As 4j is prepping to move towards online learning, they are conducting a survey to look at the technology needs of their students.

The district says they hope to hear from parents by Sunday evening since they’re trying to be online by April 6th.

A link to that survey can be found here.

4j’s assistant superintendent for instruction mentions that teachers are prepping for the near future of education.

“Some of the big challenges we are facing are that we haven’t done this before, so our teachers are eager and anxious to be able to support our students however they can, but it’s a big learning curve and it’s a big ask of teachers,” said Charis McGaughy.

She says teachers will be provided with training to make the shift to online learning.

4j also mentions they’re working towards providing resources online for English language learners and special education students.

This will add to the special services the district is providing to children of emergency personnel.

“Part of the governor’s executive order requires the school district to help provide childcare, but unfortunately at the time it’s limited to the children of emergency personnel,” she said.

Any emergency personnel in need of child care assistance can contact 4j school district.

School is still set to be out through April 28th.

For free online k through 12 learning resources, you can check out 4 j’s official webpage

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