2025 Tesla Model S: Everything you need to know

2025 Tesla Model S: Everything you need to know

Tesla Model S

The aging Tesla Model S hasn’t received a major exterior face-lift since 2016, and it’s already been a minute since the interior was overhauled in early 2021. But that’s how the Model S was always supposed to work: iterative improvements introduced as soon as they’re available, with no real sense of traditional model years or vehicle refreshes.

But design sells cars, and nobody wants an old-looking, out-of-date ride, so we predict another significant update is coming, hopefully including some features that Tesla owners have long requested.

We could see another conservative style and tech update, as has been the Model S path in the past. The fresh look would be inspired by the newer Tesla Roadster design, continuing the legacy of a grilleless fascia with slimmer, sharper headlights, while keeping the sedan’s swooping, clean details and lines.

To stay competitive, the Plaid performance version would surely continue, as well, with its rear lip spoiler, prodigious power output, mind-bending acceleration, and brake upgrades.

Tesla owners have outlined some requested features in online postings, which include better route planning for a desired state of charge, improved blind-spot monitoring, a valet mode, rain-sensing headlights, and standard speed-set cruise control—most of which could come in future over-the-air software updates and would go a long way toward soothing souls tired of seeing their Teslas lacking features now common in much less expensive ICE and electric vehicles.

Platform and Powertrain

Tesla has been working on a new 4680 battery cell intended to form a pack that serves as a structural element of the car, but the automaker has struggled to put it into volume production since it was announced in 2020. If Tesla works the new pack into the updated Model S, significant range improvements beyond 400 miles on a single charge could be in the cards—Tesla claims up to a 16 percent range increase with the new battery design. Structural changes in the battery pack would represent a significant overhaul of its overall layout, which could lead to gains in occupant and cargo space, possibly enabling the return of the “third-row” jump seats once available to increase capacity to up to seven passengers.

Estimated Price

Expect an opening price of $90,000, with options such as Full Self Driving and the Plaid powertrain adding thousands to the bottom line.

Expected On-Sale Date

Look for the refreshed Model S to arrive in 2025 as a 2026 model—even if Tesla doesn’t really care about model years.

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