2020 Marks a Tesla Model 3 Defeat to VW in Norway, and It’s Not About the ID.3

Tesla Model 3

Last year, Tesla’s Model 3 was the bestselling electric vehicle in Europe’s most EV-friendly market, which is what the relatively small Norwegian market has become.

With 15,683 deliveries over the course of 2019, the smaller sedan in Tesla’s range was miles away from its closest follower that happened to be the Volkswagen e-Golf. The German legendary hatchback from the German manufacturer only shifted 9,200 units, and we say “only” just because of the Model 3’s performance, and not because delivering 9,200 e-Golfs is a small feat. After all, the model was nothing more than a placeholder for the real electric hatchback from Volkswagen: the ID.3.

The ID.3 finally launched this year and it’s safe to say it picked up from the e-Golf left off last year, having beaten the Model 3’s sales figures for 2020 after just a little more than a month on the market. Since its September introduction, the ID.3 has gone straight to the first spot, selling 1,989 units during its first month and 1,506 in October to date. That was enough to surpass the 3,253 Model 3s sold by Tesla throughout 2020, which is a significant drop compared to the previous year.

Clearly, everything that went on in 2020 did not help Tesla’s case one bit, and while a lot of people will be disappointed with that, none will probably be more so than the ones behind the beetle.teslastats.no website. The sole purpose of this URL address is to show everyone the moment the Model 3 will finally beat the record of 16,706 cars sold in one year set by Volkswagen’s Beetle all the way back in 1969. And, presumably, to mark it with something mildly exciting like a virtual show of confetti.

However, the current situation suggests that 2020 will not be that year, and if anything, 2021 and the years to come might not be either. While the Model 3 could potentially go over the 16,706 units mark next year, it’ll most certainly be the second model to do so after Volkswagen’s own ID.3. So, if our predictions do come true and you consider the idea that VW’s ID.3 is the company’s most important model since the Beetle, it would suggest the new EV will go on to be a huge success. Of course, only time will tell.