Zeekr Launches Sub-$30K Electric SUV X

Zeekr Launches Sub-$30K Electric SUV X

Chinese EV maker Zeekr officially unveiled its new “X” electric SUV in China Wednesday. With up to 348 miles range and a surprisingly low starting price of around $28,000 (189,800 yuan), the Zeekr X is set to take on a surging Tesla, among other luxury automakers, in China before it launches in Europe.



Zeekr, a Geely-owned premium EV maker established in 2021, has been building its brand in China’s aggressive electric vehicle market.

Since the launch of the Zeekr 001 sedan, its first luxury EV model, the company has expanded dramatically, adding the Zeekr 009 premium multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) to its zero-emission lineup earlier this year.

Zeekr doubled EV sales last year due to strong demand for its electric sedan. Meanwhile, the Chinese EV maker said it would add two new electric models as well as expand into Europe.

The automakers’ third EV was initially believed to be called the Zeekr 003. However, new images teasing the all-electric SUV posted on social media confirmed it would, in fact, be called the “Zeekr X.”

Zeekr said at the time that its new SUV “transcends the limitations of all previous models named after 3, where X stands for infinite exploration, endless imagination, and endless transcendence.” Sounds a lot like Tesla.

The new Zeekr X electric SUV officially launched today in China. And from the looks of it, it could compete with Tesla and the luxury German automakers in China and Europe.

Zeekr X SUV launched in China to compete against Tesla

Zeekr released the new electric SUV today, sharing the full specs and a video on its Weibo social media page.

The new Zeekr X will start at 189,800 yuan (roughly $27,600) in China, with advanced features generally found in premium cars. Chief executive Any An told Reuters that the X will offer features like facial recognition and an optional in-vehicle refrigerator.

According to the release, the Zeekr X will be powered by two e-motors and a 66 kWh battery, delivering up to 422 hp (315 kW) and 400 lb-ft (543 Nm) of torque.

Three different trims appear to be offered, with the lower-priced (189,800 yuan) five-seat rear-drive “me version” delivering a CLTC range of 560 km (nearly 348 miles), utilizing an aerodynamic design.

In comparison to the Zeekr X, the Tesla Model Y base model starts at around 261,900 yuan (roughly $38,000) after slightly raising the price earlier this year and has a range of 545 km (338 miles).

Zeekr says it will start delivering the new electric SUV in June in China as it aims to deliver 40,000 units this year. It will be followed by Europe and “Asian markets outside of China,” though no specific details were provided.

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