XPeng Delivered ~100,000 Vehicles In 2021

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Chinese automotive startup XPeng has shown one of the most dramatic auto production ramp-ups in history, and the good news is it only produces 100% smart electric vehicles (EVs). At a mere 7 years of age, and just a few years after launching its first vehicle (the XPeng G3 went on sales in December 2018), XPeng has wrapped up a year of sales totaling almost 100,000. In 2021, XPeng delivered 98,155 smart EVs, a 263% year-over-year increase.

In December, 16,000 vehicles were delivered, a 181% year-over-year increase compared to December 2020. There were 41,751 vehicles delivered in Q4 2021, which was a 222% year-over-year increase.

Reinforcing how impressive the 98,155 delivery figure for 2021 is, at the end of the year, XPeng reached just 137,953 cumulative deliveries.

All the more impressive, XPeng’s monthly delivery target is 15,000 vehicles, and December was the second month in a row that was surpassed — and that’s despite the global automotive chip shortage and other supply chain challenges.

As far as the specific model breakdown, XPeng delivered the following in December:

  • 7,459 P7 “smart sports sedans”
  • 5,030 P5 “smart family sedans”
  • 3,511 G3 and G3i “smart SUVs.”

In the case of the P7, deliveries were up 102%. GS deliveries were up 75%. The P5 was not on the market one year ago, but its sales did increase 134% month over month.

XPeng also noted that its broader charging and sales network in China has been growing “rapidly.” It had “661 branded supercharging stations across 228 cities and 311 physical retail stores in operation across 121 cities as of the end of November 2021.”

All in all, XPeng’s growth seems to be rolling out as the company hoped and planned, or even better. It’s quite an uplifting sight to see another pure EV company scaling up production rapidly and achieving great sales success at a young age. Of course, the reference company need not be named, and we need not compare the two or pretend XPeng should exactly follow Tesla’s (whoops) path. However, the point is that we are getting more examples of pure EV companies achieving great successes.

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