XPeng CEO Tests Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Software in the US

XPeng CEO Tests Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Software in the US

  • XPeng CEO He Xiaopeng tests Tesla’s FSD in the US, plans to compare it with XPeng’s XNGP, inviting user feedback on differences.
  • XPeng launches X2 flying car in Beijing and teases new Mona sub-brand model Xpeng M03, set to use BYD batteries, amid market expansion.

He Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of XPeng Inc. (XPEV), is reportedly in the U.S. testing Tesla, Inc.‘s

 full self-driving software, which is slated for introduction in China later this year.

He also asked his followers what aspects they are most interested in comparing between Tesla’s full self-driving software and XPeng’s XNGP (XPeng Navigation Guided Pilot), CnEV Post reported.

“I’m visiting the US for a longer period of time this time and dropping by to test the latest version of FSD and Waymo version,” the Xpeng CEO wrote on Weibo, which CnEV Post noted.

“I have the Tesla FSD V12.3.6 version and if you have the 12.4.1 internal beta you can lend it to me, thanks,” he added.

Earlier this month, the company said it had successfully launched its flying car, the X2, in Beijing. The demonstration took place at the China Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair, marking a crucial step towards the commercialization of the innovative vehicle.

The development comes amid the Chinese government’s increasing focus on the low-altitude economy, with the sector’s market projected to surpass 1 trillion yuan (approx. $138 billion) by 2026.

XPeng also unexpectedly revealed the name and an official image of the first model from its sub-brand, codenamed Mona, preceding its official launch later this month.

The inaugural model in the Mona lineup has been dubbed the Xpeng M03. Mona will utilize batteries from BYD Co., Ltd. , a choice also made by NIO Inc’s  Onvo sub-brand.

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