‘What is Amazon Silk?’: A guide to Amazon’s web browser for Android and Amazon Fire devices

Amazon Silk

  • Amazon Silk is a mobile web browser that uses the power of Amazon’s cloud system, as well as its machine-learning algorithms, to make for faster page loading.
  • Amazon Silk is available for Android devices and Fire tablets.

If you’re getting tired of your phone’s standard browser — particularly, how slow it is — then you may want to look into Amazon Silk.

Amazon Silk is a new web browser, created by Amazon, for Firetablets and Android phones.

Here’s how it works

Amazon Silk, explained

Amazon Silk is different than other web browsers, mainly because it operates on what Amazon calls “Split Browser Architecture,” which it claims allows it to run faster than other browsers.

Split Browser Architecture basically means that your device isn’t doing all of the work of loading a page whenever you search for something or click on a link, because it routes your web requests through Amazon’s proxy servers, powered by Amazon EC2, or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

What is Amazon Silk
Amazon Silk uses Amazon’s EC2 to process pages in order to make them load faster.

Basically, this means that Amazon Silk can run faster than your typical browser, because half of the page loading and processing is done in their powerful cloud, rather than on your small device with limited bandwidth

Since Amazon Silk is run by Amazon, it also has the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) behind it.

Silk uses AWS to analyze traffic patterns and use predictive algorithms to pre-process pages. That means that Amazon uses its knowledge of general web traffic, in addition to the user’s search patterns, to pre-load pages that it thinks you might visit next.

The browser also makes dynamic decisions on how to deliver the pages to your specific device at that moment, so that you can get the fastest upload times possible.

Amazon Silk is available for free on the Amazon Store for any Android device or Fire tablet.

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