Watch Tesla’s new Model S tri-motor Plaid prototype run lap faster than McLaren P1

Watch Tesla’s new Model S tri-motor Plaid prototype run lap faster than McLaren P1

The driver behind the wheel of Tesla’s new Model S tri-motor Plaid prototype released a video of the new record lap at Laguna Seca.

At Battery Day earlier this week, Tesla officially launched the Model S Plaid, the new top performance version of the Model S.

Tesla used the vehicle as an example of what its new battery cell enabled in terms of high performance.

The automaker confirmed the following specs on its website:

  • Quickest 0-60 mph and quarter-mile acceleration of any production car ever
  • Acceleration from 0-60 mph: <2.0 s
  • Quarter mile: <9.0 s
  • Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive

These specs are basically what Tesla originally announced for the new Roadster but at half the price and in a bigger form factor.

Now, Sebastian Vittel — an experienced performance driver, not to be confused with Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel — has released a video of his record lap with the latest Tesla Model S Plaid prototype at Laguna Seca:

Last year, Tesla completed a lap in 1:36.55 with the prototype Model S Plaid.

Earlier this month, Lucid beat the time with the prototype of its own top performance version of its electric sedan with a 1:33 time. Tesla is now taking back the lead.

With the latest version of the Model S Plaid prototype, Vittel has achieved a 1:30.3 lap time.

This is no small achievement.

This is a faster time than a McLaren P1 driven by no other than Randy Pobst.

It’s also almost as fast as $1 million supercars like the Porsche 918 Spyder and the McLaren Senna (P15).

Some suggested that Tesla used a stripped-down interior to achieve the time, but Vittel revealed that they only changed the seat for a bucket seat for his safety.

As for the tires, they are apparently the ones that Tesla will use for the production version.

Vittel said about the tires:

“Michelin sport cup 2 with specific gum that will be available when car will be released. Very similar to Cup 2 R tire.”

CEO Elon Musk also believes that Tesla can shave another three seconds off of that time with refinements leading to production, which would make the Model S Plaid the fastest production car ever.

The Tesla Model S Plaid starts at $139,990, and deliveries are going to start in 2021.

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