Watch a Tesla Semi carefully make its way down an icy hill

Watch a Tesla Semi carefully make its way down an icy hill

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A new video from the California Highway Patrol shows a Tesla Semi carefully navigating down an icy hill on I-80 Eastbound at Donner Summit.

It’s a good thing Tesla does some pretty intense real-world testing before it releases its vehicles to the public, because this will undoubtedly not be a one-off instance.

Truckers are confronted with some pretty treacherous driving conditions at times, and it is important that they are trained to handle these situations. However, it is just as important that their vehicle can handle challenging terrains, icy and snowy roads, and other harsh conditions that will, at some point or another, confront them.

The Tesla Semi seems up for the task.

The video shared by the CHP shows the Semi rolling slowly and carefully down Interstate 80 Eastbound through the snowy and cold Donner Summit, which is a well-known stretch of roadway that gets dicey at times, especially during the cold weather months.

There were several big rig spinouts, according to the video shared, but the Semi did not appear to be one of them as it made its way down a tricky hill in a slow and calculated manner:

We know the Semi went through some pretty intense testing from Tesla before it ever started being delivered to PepsiCo., which still appears to be the only company that has the vehicle in its possession.

Tesla fitted the Semi with numerous safety features, including some advanced motor and brake controls that help deliver traction and stability.

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