Volkwagen not shying away from lofty 25 EV goal

Volkwagen not shying away from lofty 25 EV goal

Volkswagen's ID Buzz Tesla

Volkswagen is still planning to launch 25 EVs in North America by 2030, but is well aware that things could change based on demand and market changes.

“When I look at the data from January, the (EV) segment continues to grow,” Pablo Di Si, Head of VW North America, told Reuters today. However, Di Si also said he is aware the pace of growth is slowing down, and Volkswagen could adjust based on demand as the decade goes on.

One of the reasons growth in the U.S. could be slowing is based on infrastructure, Di Si said.

Tesla has been head and shoulders above every charging company in terms of infrastructure. It is why many OEMs and legacy automakers chose to adopt the company’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) last year.

Simply put, charging is the main concern for many, and it still is not where it needs to be to encourage widespread EV adoption. Di Si believes “middle America” needs more charging stalls, and if that buildout occurs, a new phase of EV growth could occur.

Volkswagen plans to add several more EV models this year, including the ID.Buzz EV busand the ID.7, an electric sedan. These will not deliver high sales volumes, Di Si said, but they will launch in 2024.

For the rest of the decade, Volkswagen wants to focus on midsize and large SUVs for its electrification push in the U.S. He confirmed the company has them approved.

This year, along with the launch of the ID.Buzz and the ID.7, VW wants to revamp the ID.4, introducing a refreshed configuration with longer range ratings and improved infotainment, which has been a focus of drivers in EVs.

It also needs to be eligible for tax credits, which will help it compete with the Tesla Model Y.

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