Visa says the majority of its employees will work from home the rest of the year.


Visa Inc. Chief Executive Officer Al Kelly said he expects a majority of the firm’s employees will continue working remotely through the end of the year.

The San Francisco-based firm joined rival American Express Co. in making the prediction for its workforce of 20,000 people on Tuesday. Visa, the world’s largest payments network, owns or leases 131 offices in 76 countries, according to regulatory filings.

“It simply seems wrong for Visa employees to be crowding transit systems and roads when we have the flexibility to both continue full business continuity while working from home,” Kelly said in a post on LinkedIn. “Those who have to get to their place of work to receive a paycheck should have priority use of socially distanced transit.”

Companies have begun crafting plans for returning workers to offices, which include processes for additional cleaning and managing sites where employees might congregate, such as elevators or entrances. Kelly said on Tuesday Visa will bring employees back “on a site-by-site basis in stages.”

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