Video of a Tesla Cybertruck being built

Video of a Tesla Cybertruck being built

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A video of Tesla Cybertruck production taking place on lines at Gigafactory Texas has been leaked, confirming the automaker is continuing to make strides in its initial builds of the all-electric pickup as deliveries near.

Tesla has been building the Cybertruck at Gigafactory Texas since Q1, as alpha prototypes were shown being manufactured in photos released by the automaker during the first earnings call of 2023.

However, things in Texas are evidently moving forward and production of the all-electric Cybertruck is now being shown in a leaked video of the manufacturing lines within the factory.

The video shows a portion of a Cybertruck frame going through the Body-in-White (BIW) line. BIW is a stage in automotive manufacturing where a frame has been joined together and occurs before any pain is applied.

This morning, Tesla Giga Texas observer and drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer also spotted two 9,000-ton Giga Presses, Cybertruck rear castings, and other hints that production is nearing.

Tesla Cybertruck builds continue to be spotted around California and, more recently, Texas. Production has been rumored to be nearing for several months, as CEO Elon Musk has been adamant on a Q3 delivery event for customers.

Tesla has also reportedly started reaching out to suppliers and has hinted toward an annual production rate of nearly 400,000 vehicles annually.

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